Details of other plays by Brian.  



What does it mean to be a “real” man? Four youngsters spend much of their free time drinking cider and causing mayhem on Bower Hill. One of them has recently joined the army to move on from his chaotic teenage years. The army has made him grow up fast, but having escaped one chaotic life he now finds himself about to enter another – in an active war-zone thousands of miles away. 

The play is about four teenagers on the cusp of adulthood; it’s about jealousy, betrayal and forgiveness; and it’s about masculinity – especially its destructive aspects – and how it affects the men who have to live up to it and the women who have to live with it.


A half-hour extract from the play was performed at the egg Theatre in Bath in 2018 as part of a new writing festival. It was directed by Stephanie Kempson and featured: Sophie Cull, Samuel De La Torre, Rory Potts and Emily Rumble.



A young woman from a small left-behind rural town, Perry, is lost and drifting. It's a year since her dad's death and she spends most of her time hanging around the The Shires, the local shopping centre, drinking cider and smoking dope with her rightwing mate Spencer. When she strikes up an unlikely friendship with Graham the Carry-Bag-Man, a local character who usually speaks to no one, Spencer isn't happy – he has it in for Graham, and for some other people in the town. But could the weird old man be Perry’s saviour?

The play is about losing your way and finding it again; it's about small-town life and the left behind; and it's about grief and the pain of losing your dad so young.

THE SHIRES (along with ON BOWER HILL) is part of Brian's trilogy of Wiltshire plays.



All Stef and Joe want is a little baby. That's not too much to ask, is it?

The fertility industry is huge and lucrative. Offering hope and often delivering the “goods”. But what happens to those couples where it isn’t working – and where hope turns into obsession? This is the story of one of those couples.

This full length play had a rehearsed reading in June 2016 at The Rosemary Branch Theatre in London in association with The Script Readers. 

It was shortlisted for the Bread and Roses Playwriting Award in 2017.

A two-part audio drama adaptation of this play called BABYWALL has recently been produced by Tempest Productions.



Is there any issue more critical to our future than how we are abusing our planet?

As a deadly virus threatens humankind a young woman Cass is immune to it and scientists have no idea why. She wants to help save her loved ones and so agrees to be part of their search for a cure, but what are they going to do to her and is it all too late anyway?

PURE is a love story and a cautionary tale. It asks serious questions about whether our toxic relationship with the planet can continue indefinitely. 

James Grieve the former AD at Paines Plough described the script as follows: "It's terrific. Engaging and incisive and pertinent... it deserves to be seen."

You can see a short filmed extract (with Rebecca Ward as Cass and Alex Dowding as Mathew) here. 

Moonflower reading


Lizzie has organised a surprise party for her parent’s anniversary, but is it really something to celebrate? Her mother Susan doesn't seem to think so. 

MOONFLOWER is about a family who for years have hidden, denied and suppressed what has been happening behind its closed doors, but who are now finally facing up to the truth. 

This one-act play had a reading at The Park Theatre in London in Nov 19 to an invited audience, with Michelle Collins as the mother Susan, her daughter Maia as Lizzie and direction by Charlotte Peters.