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A young woman, Perry, is lost and drifting. It's a year since her dad's death and she seems to spend most of her time hanging around The Shires shopping centre drinking with her mate Spencer. 

When she strikes up an unlikely friendship with Graham the Carry-Bag-Man, a local character who usually speaks to no one, Spencer isn't happy. But Perry wonders whether the Carry-Bag-Man is more than he first appears.

THE SHIRES is about losing your way and finding it again, it's about small-town life and being left behind, and it's about grief and the pain of losing a parent so young.

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"This cold night will turn us all to fools and madmen" - King Lear.

Henry is estranged from his daughter, he has lost his health, he has lost his status, and he now seems to be losing his mind. He can't live on his own anymore and his daughter plans to move him into a care home. But he's not going to go quietly. 

THIS COLD NIGHT is about a cantankerous old man nearing the end of his life and seemingly losing everything, but who in the end regains the love of his daughter. It's also a play about care: loving care, a duty of care, professional care and when you're past caring.

The play had a rehearsed reading at The Hope Theatre in London in Jan 20 with James Benson, Shenagh Govan, Mike Evans and Tracey George. Dir by Dave Spencer.

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HEAVEN BEACH is a tragic love story set on a bleak South West beach dominated by the hum of traffic from Severn Bridge.

It's the story of two lonely people who find each other on the beach: Alice (forties) is trapped in an unhappy marriage bringing up two teenage girls and Thomas (twenties) is an only child still living at home and under the influence of his controlling mother Jean. The play is about how easy it is to end up where you shouldn't be in life and it's about how families are not always a refuge or even a safe place to be.