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How much can one couple go through to become parents?

Stef and Joe used to be OK. It was just them and life was good. But Stef is longing for a baby and Joe must decide whether he's up for the very testing journey ahead.

A two-part audio drama adapted from Brian's original stage play, BABYWALL looks at the emotional fallout of infertility treatment. 

Produced by Tempest Productions. With Kelda Holmes as Stef, Niall Ashdown as Joe, Mark Lingwood as Martin and Tricia Hitchcock as Kate. Directed by Mark Lingwood.

You can listen to the first part here: Babywall part one

And the second and final part here: Babywall part two

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If you can't trust your memory what can you trust?

Martin has a problem - he can’t make new memories since he went to the dentist ten years ago. He's a cabbie with the Knowledge, but he can't remember yesterday. It’s not only strange and upsetting for him, his wife has the unenviable task of explaining what’s wrong with him every single day - and the strain is beginning to show.

How does memory define who we are? This single-hander was performed by John Rayment and directed by Charlotte Peters in August 2018 at the Camden Fringe and in October 2018 at Theatre N16 also in London. 

★★★★★ "Outstanding... a must see!" North West End
★★★★★ "an absolute treat" London Theatre 1
★★★★ "a masterwork of understated wit and humanity" Everything Theatre
★★★★ "thought-provoking and human" The_Upcoming

You can find out more about the play here.

NEWS: A new production of Timeless, with John Rayment once again playing Martin, is touring in autumn 2020 (well... it was - this is now on hold).

Carl Prekopp and Kate O'Flynn
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A radio play starring Kate O'Flynn, Carl Prekopp, Deborah Findlay, Stephen Hogan, Samara MacLaren and directed by Bruce Young. It was broadcast in 2019 - an Afternoon Drama on BBC R4

A journalist sceptical about romantic love is convinced it’s a form of mental illness and has uncovered a scientific test to prove it. However, when she carries out the test on an unsuspecting victim she soon discovers that her theory is not quite as straightforward as she first thought.

Is romantic love really just a few chemicals released in the brain, leading to delusion, self-deception and giving all the impressions of mental instability?

And if so, is it any wonder so many relationships fall apart?

Radio Times described it as "a smart romcom" and it was chosen as a  Pick of the Week on BBC R4. 


Tom and Kate have a large square box sitting in the middle of their living room. What’s in it and why does it matter to them?

THE BOX is an emotionally raw and visceral two hander about a couple struggling to move on with their lives after the death of their young son, and finally having to face up to the guilt they share over what happened to him.

It was performed in Bath in 2018 at the egg Theatre (part of Theatre Royal Bath) as part of a new writing festival. With Alice Grace and Tom Turner (pictured) and directed by Jenny Davies.

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What happens when the man who has everything is still not satisfied?

In a kingdom ruthlessly ruled over by a paranoid King, one of his lowliest subjects has had enough of his madness. Can he survive defying the King, especially when he can't even trust the loyalty of his best friend?

KING OF THE WORLD is a dark comedy that looks at the ramifications of "strong man" leaders on ordinary people within a society.

It was performed at the Liverpool Fringe in June 2018 and the Greater Manchester Fringe in August 2018. Starring Keith Hyland, Pea Lee and Sean McGlynn. Dir Emma Bird.

It was nominated for: Best Actor, Best Director, Best New Writing and Best Overall Production at the Liverpool Fringe Awards 2018. You can find out more about the play here.


In a society where nothing is private and no one knows who to trust, a woman’s partner has disappeared. She is visiting her neighbour, head of the local Neighbourhood Watch, to find out if she’s heard anything about his disappearance. Will her neighbour help her or is she the person she should be most afraid of?

WELCOME TO PARADISE ROAD is a 60min play about creeping state control and the dangers of our surveillance society. It was first performed in Apr 2016 at the Page to Stage Theatre Festival in Liverpool. It won several awards at the festival including Best Script (Brian Coyle), Best Director (Emma Bird) and Best Female Actor (Emily Heyworth). The same company performed the play in Jul 16 at the Greater Manchester Fringe.

You can find out more about the play here.