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Four youngsters spend much of their free time drinking cider on Bower Hill. They are riotous, irreverent and drunken but they can also be tender towards each other, loving and fiercely loyal. One of them has recently joined the army to move on from his chaotic teenage years and help set him and his girlfriend up with a new life. The army has made him grow up fast, but having escaped one chaotic life he now finds himself about to enter another – in an active war-zone thousands of miles away.  

The play is about four teenagers on the cusp of adulthood; it's about surviving in a small left-behind town; and it’s about masculinity – especially its destructive aspects – and how it affects the men who have to live up to it and the women who have to live with it

A half-hour extract from the play was performed at the egg Theatre in Bath in 2018 as part of a new writing festival. It was directed by Stephanie Kempson and featured: Sophie Cull, Samuel De La Torre, Rory Potts and Emily Rumble.



A young woman from a small left-behind rural town, Perry (19), is lost and drifting. It's a year since her dad's death and she spends most of her time hanging around The Shires, the local shopping centre, drinking cider and smoking dope with her rightwing mate Spencer. When she strikes up an unlikely friendship with Graham the Carry-Bag-Man, a local character who usually speaks to no one, Spencer isn't happy – he has it in for Graham, and for some other people in the town. But could the weird old man be Perry’s saviour? 

The play is about losing your way and finding it again; it's about small-town life and the left behind; and it's about grief and the pain of losing your dad so young

THE SHIRES (along with ON BOWER HILL) is part of Brian's trilogy of Wiltshire plays.

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Alex has a lot to live for: his friendship with his flat mate Serena, his lovely mum, his passion for Bake Off, his budding stand-up career and his fledgling romance with the beautiful Barista from Pret. So why has he taken an overdose and is in hospital, with a medical team fighting for his life? Will he survive and does he even want to?


In this single-hander he tells us his story, as we find out how he got to this frightening point in his life.