Carl Prekopp and Kate O'Flynn
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THE LOVE TEST - a BBC R4 radio drama

A radio play starring Kate O'Flynn, Carl Prekopp, Deborah Findlay, Stephen Hogan, Samara MacLaren and directed by Bruce Young. It was broadcast in 2019 - an Afternoon Drama on BBC R4. And repeated in 2021.

A journalist sceptical about romantic love is convinced it’s a form of mental illness and has uncovered a scientific test to prove it. However, when she carries out the test on an unsuspecting victim she soon discovers that her theory is not quite as straightforward as she first thought.

Is romantic love really just a few chemicals released in the brain, leading to delusion, self-deception and giving all the impressions of mental instability?

And if so, is it any wonder so many relationships fall apart?

Radio Times described it as "a smart romcom" and it was chosen as a  Pick of the Week on BBC R4. 

BABYWALL - an audio drama

How much can one couple go through to become parents?

Stef and Joe used to be OK. It was just them and life was good. But Stef is longing for a baby and Joe must decide whether he's up for the very testing journey ahead.

A two-part audio drama adapted from Brian's original stage play, BABYWALL looks at the emotional fallout of infertility treatment. 

Produced by Tempest Productions in 2020. With Kelda Holmes as Stef, Niall Ashdown as Joe, Mark Lingwood as Martin and Tricia Hitchcock as Kate. Directed by Mark Lingwood.

You can listen to the first part here: Babywall part one

And the second and final part here: Babywall part two

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WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED - filmed online monologues

During the first lockdown of the pandemic in March/April 2020, Brian wrote twelve short monologues - vignettes about living through this frightening new time - for twelve actors. Each of the actors self-filmed their monologue on their phone.

The twelve actors involved were: Bruce Panday, Jessica Hole, Vickie Holden-Swinton, Dan Gaisford, Marc Bessant, Pea Lee, Regan Tetlow, Alice Grace, Ameila Sweetland, Samara MacLaren, Kim Burnett and Karen Payne.

The monologues were featured in The Guardian and were chosen as a "pick of the year" 2020 by Shane Morgan of Notes From The Field.

You can watch the monologues here: WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED.


IT'S ALL GOOD - a short film

A young man is feeling fine. He's definitely not fallen for his best mate's girlfriend; he's definitely not obsessed with her and can't sleep at night; and he's definitely not considering exacting revenge on his two-timing mate. He's none of that. He's fine. And it's all good.

A short film starring Ben Wilson and directed by Joe Auburn. It was part of 'Fourteen', a film project created by Theatre Royal Bath (Engage) and Screenology of 14 filmed monologues.

All the films were screened at the Theatre Royal Bath in 2019.

You can watch this short film here: IT'S ALL GOOD